The Siren


Welcome to a grand experiment.

We are here to identify gaps and possibilities in Downtown Sacramento for a venue concept called The Siren, rooted in the notion that by propelling local talent to scale together, we can achieve dazzling, exciting and authentically entertaining results.

Through organized collaboration and artistic experimentation, we believe The Siren could reset the bar for local live entertainment experiences, offering a community-minded institution for the incubation, celebration and legacy of the alternative arts in our indomitable city.

For those of you who think you have stepped in this soil before - this is fresh.

The Siren venue concept includes a genuine commitment to local casting and education through a schedule of dynamic in-house productions and programming.  You could experience everything from touring shows to local live music, burlesque, sideshow, dance, comedy, drag, poetry, variety, aerial, circus and multimedia arts on The Siren’s main stage on any given night.

We have chosen to begin this experiment with a series of pop-up events that illustrate aspects of the in-house productions and programming The Siren might offer, meant to gauge and direct the evolution of this project towards its ultimate state.

Your support and feedback will play a vital role in leading us to the conclusion of this experiment.

So please - participate!

Come to events, tell your friends, follow us on social media @thesirenevents, leave reviews, attend workshops, submit your work, engage and support this concept and together we can shape The Siren, and the future of our alternative arts community, into reality!

-- The Siren Team