The Siren




WHAT ARE alternative arts?

For us, this includes performers and producers that push the bounds of popular genres, as well as those that have carved unique paths within their own specialty.

They believe in the boundless nature of entertainment, and in the power of connecting both with their audience and with each other.

The vision surrounding The Siren venue concept includes a multi-disciplinary, multi-use complex that will directly contribute to the infrastructure and development of Sacramento’s alternative arts community.

The Siren seeks to fill a gap in Sacramento’s arts and entertainment culture, creating a platform for alternative artists to thrive within our city’s larger creative and economic landscape. The main stage at The Siren will provide a professional cabaret-style space for alternative artists ready to expand their audience and brand into a mid-size capacity venue (300-500). In addition, a schedule of curated in-house productions would provide numerous monthly gig opportunities, with a standing commitment to 75% local casting at these events.

The Siren complex could include:
- A professional, mid-size live entertainment venue hosting concert and cabaret style events
- A bar and restaurant with an incubator stage
- Educational space offering courses in the performing and visual arts
- A photography studio, retail and gallery component
- Venue rental and production services for the greater Sacramento area

The Siren will offer an educational platform to facilitate the connection of both our travelling talent and local artist partners in supporting the development of the next generation of entertainers in our city.

The Siren’s educational programming could grow to include:
- Private workshops and group classes
- Public specialty workshops and ongoing classes in the performing and visual arts
- Community giving days and scholarship opportunities
- A formal mentoring program

This vision is going to be developed through a series of experimental pop-up events, intended to create proof of concept for the style of in-house productions The Siren would offer. YOU can get involved and support this process by joining us at shows, bringing your friends, leaving feedback, participating in workshops and sharing your excitement in helping us develop this vision into reality! Click here to learn more about how you can support The Siren.  



Beyond our immediate business and consulting team, the following artists and community partners have already jumped on deck to pledge their energy, skills and expertise to the success of The Siren!
It takes a community to build community, and that is precisely what we are here together to do.

If you have a skill set, product or service you would like to contribute to the shape of this vision - please reach out - we would love to speak with you!

SUBMERGE MAGAZINE | media partner

1810 GALLERY | community partner

SHAUN BURNER | artist partner + gallery adviser

SAC CIRQUE | artist + community partner

THE FIREHOUSE5 DANCE STUDIO | community partner

CODY MARTIN FILMS | videography partner

JESSICA WILL | contortionist + bar operations adviser

ANDRU DEFEYE | producer + writer + community organizer

HELLEN HEELS | producer + entertainer



HOT POT STUDIOS | community partner

WILLIAM BURG | historian + community partner

MICHAEL CELLA | producer + writer + comedian

PETER PETTY | musician + entertainer

SALACIOUS KAY | dance coach + group choreographer

DEAJA GIRL ON FIRE | technical assistant + circus arts

CODY TUDOR | prop maker + circus arts

M5 ARTS | community partner

ACTIVISM ARTICULATED | community partner

MELISSA UROFF | artist partner + photographer

REBEL AERIAL | aerialist + community partner

LARRY RODRIGUEZ | DJ + community partner

HARLEY WHITE JR | musician + entertainer

ALIJAH DRESDEN | stage manager

KATY KARNS | photographer + yoga/bodywork

SASS HERASS | fitness/dance coach + entertainer

SHAUNI DEVEAUX | costumer + aerialist