The Siren


Get Involved!

Do you have a product, skill, talent, time and energy you would like to lend toward making this vision a reality for Sacramento's alternative arts community? Reach out! We would love to hear from you

The talent and dedication of our team, and interest and support from our community are the key factors that will shape The Siren into existence. And there are many ways to get involved!

Below we have outlined some of the ways that we would love to see and hear from you throughout this process. Something we missed? Let us know! 


We are looking for both event, media and skilled service volunteers to contribute to the development of The Siren venue project.

We have chosen to begin this phase of experimentation with a series of events that illustrate aspects of the in-house productions The Siren might offer. There are several volunteer opportunities available related to the promotion and physical production of these events, including: ticketing/front of house, merch sales, ushering, wait staff, show promotion and more. 

If you possess a skilled trade, or special service you would like to share, please let us know! Printing services, merchandising, textiles, and social media support are all things that would be particularly helpful! 

Please contact us and let us know a little more about your interest, abilities and availability. We want all volunteer experiences to be enriching and positive - let's start a dialogue and see what magic we can make together!


Though we are still in a phase of experimentation with this concept, the artist and community partners we rally around this effort are what is going to allow The Siren's development to remain truly local as we continue to travel the path toward a physical space.

Please engage with us to begin a conversation about how your brand can boost and be boosted through collaboration as part of The Siren Team. We look forward to meeting you!


Your support, feedback and social influence is going to play a vital roll in driving The Siren into reality. Following us on social platforms @thesirenevents, sharing updates and information to YOUR followers and friends is a fantastic way to show your support and get involved today! 

When posting at or about The Siren events, please use the hashtag #thesirenevents 

Beyond the internet, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful ways to engage our community, so please - use your voice! Share news of this project with people you meet, expand the sphere of influence we have to make strides toward our ultimate  goal -  creating a space that becomes the cornerstone of a district for the alternative arts to flourish within our city for years to come!


Other than engaging in social media, the #1 way you can do your part in bringing The Siren into reality is to participate!

  • Attend shows
  • Bring your friends
  • Make new friends at events (community!)
  • Attend workshops and add your unique energy to the physical spaces we occupy

YOU are part of what makes our artist and audience community special - let's celebrate that together!


If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities surrounding The Siren venue project, please contact our founders directly at:

Though the strategy for this development is to remain organic at this phase, we do have a full business plan with financials created to help guide investors toward a deeper understanding of the core potential that this project represents.

big picture thinking

The full scope of this project is yet to be determined, although we know what we see in the potential for The Siren as a venue project and community-minded institution. The vision includes not just a truly mid-size, professional stage space, but also an educational platform whose impact could extend far beyond the doors of our physical location. We seek to help shape the identity of Sacramento's alternative arts landscape by supporting the evolution of emerging artists in our city.

At the end of the day, 100% of the motivation behind The Siren comes from an actionable desire to make Sacramento a national destination for innovative and rich local arts experiences. To do that, we need to look ahead!

Serving our emerging artists and providing paths for their growth, development and success within our own economy is vital to the longevity and ultimate service The Siren could provide to our city.